Why I Read Hashtag Makes National Twitter Trend

By Jason Boog Comment

Today Movable Type Literary Group Jason Ashlock launched a Twitter hashtag with a simple declaration: “Why I Read.” In a surprising twist that should inspire authors and publishers, this hashtag has trended nationally on Twitter this afternoon–counting more than 16,000 responses.

Here’s more from Ashlock: “Today, you’re invited to share why you read. Log on to Twitter, toss down the hash tag #whyIread, and share what continues to draw you to books. We all have our reasons, and we’d love to hear yours. I’ll start. Here’s #whyIread: Novels open up a space for characters to transform; by witnessing that transformation, I am able to change, too.”

Responses have streamed in from around the Twittersphere. We’ve  collected a few of our favorites below. NOTE: Ashlock is a featured speaker at our eBook Summit on December 15th.

GCP Editor Gal wrote: “Because I can travel to so many places & eras and meet so many different types of people without ever leaving my couch.”

Jason Pinter wrote: “Because nobody starts memes called #whyiwatchrealitytelevision.”

Levi Asher wrote: “i don’t read for any aesthetic love of reading. i read because i want what’s in that book.”

AlgonquinBooks wrote: “I’m just addicted, and it’s safer than crack.”

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated as the story evolved.