What Mars Can Teach Us About Book Trailers

By Jason Boog Comment

ms2323.jpgWhile writing a book about his work with the Phoenix Mars mission, author Andrew Kessler learned how to tell a complicated story–insights that guided his book trailers as well.

Kessler was our guest on the Morning Media Menu today,  talking about his new book and his SxSW presentation today. Kessler wrote Martian Summer, a forthcoming nonfiction account of his time working with the Phoenix Mars mission.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview: “Our idea was to mirror the process of writing the book in the videos. We got this footage from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pretty much anyone can get this footage–you have to jump through some hoops. We took this every day office footage that could be really boring–except for the work being done at it is Mars exploration. So there’s this funny disconnect. We did the same job as the book–we wrapped a POV around the story.  We wrapped it in this fun POV that lets you engage with this very complicated story in a very human way. “