What’s Inside Your Writing Survival Kit?

By Jason Boog Comment

Today is NaNoPrep Day, as writers around the world prepare to take the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge in November–writing a 50,000-word novel draft in a single month.

What is inside your writing survival kit? Hundreds of writers are packing NaNoWriMo survival kits, the essential tools they need to write. These writers need everything from laptops to alarm clocks to emergency caffeine stashes. Here is some NaNoPrep advice from the NaNoWriMo team:

Set up your writing nook! Is your writing area comfortable? Is it well lit? Do you have inspirational writerly incentives close at hand? See how these authors have configured their creative cavesDo away with your Inner Editor. Symbolically disposing of your inner self-doubt and demons does wonders for your confidence. Find (or make) a representation of your Inner Editor (like Lindsey’s shark), and then find a secure place to store it so it can’t disturb your writing in November! Start your daily writing practice. Writing every day can feel weird at first, and poses a scheduling challenge for many. Get in the habit of carving out time every day to write some micro-fiction (or anything that comes to mind!).

Share your survival kit on the NaNoPrep Twitter hashtag.

We will be rolling out NaNoWriMo advice all through November. Follow this link to read our NaNoWriMo writing tips from 2011.