What Do 325,000 People Want To Read?

By Jason Boog Comment

phone.jpgBased on an informal email survey last week, the majority of GalleyCat readers who use the iPhone or iPod Touch to read digital books are using the Stanza application as their platform.

With that growing audience in mind, we caught up with Neelan Choksi, Chief Operating Officer at Lexcycle, the company that produces the most popular book reading application at the Apple Store–outlining what the company can offer the 325,000 “possible users” who want to read content on their phones.

“I think many people are not aware that they can pair up the Stanza Reader (for the iPhone/iPod Touch) with Stanza Desktop to upload other reading materials; for example, Word files, HTML files, unreleased books. See the following review as an example of that. We are offering some non-book content on Stanza currently, like daily news, magazine articles, and serialized novels,” he said.

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“Stanza also provides the ability for a web page to provide a direct link to an ePub file which will launch Stanza on the device and load the file. This is described in more detail here, and it is one of the lesser-known features of Stanza,” he added.

Choksi also speculated a bit about the future of his company:

“The eventual goal is to be able to peruse a large catalog of ebooks, and allow customers to purchase directly via the Stanza catalog and download directly into Stanza on the iPhone. Currently, we provide catalogs for two book providers: Feedbooks and Munseys.”

“Our current plan is to perfect our technology and increase its presence on as many next-generation mobile devices as possible, with an eye towards eventually supporting more commercial works and deriving revenue through their distribution,” he concluded.