What Books Topped Bestseller Lists the Week You Were Born?

By Jason Boog Comment

Take a trip through literary history today and find the books that topped the New York Times’ bestseller list on your birthday. The BibliOZ tool will help you find new reading material (and remind you how fleeting publishing success can be).

Add your book to our new #birthdaybook hashtag on Twitter.  Follow this link to find out your birthday books. When this GalleyCat editor was born, Oliver’s Story by Erich Segal ruled the bestseller list–the sequel to the bestselling novel, Love Story. On the nonfiction lists, Roots by Alex Haley held the top spot.

How many of your birthday books have you read? Out of all the top 20 books on the bestseller list that week, this GalleyCat editor has only read one book: A Book of Common Prayer by Joan Didion. NOTE: This post was updated to include a Twitter link. (Via Bethanne Patrick)