Wanelo Collections for Writers, Readers & Publishers

By Jason Boog Comment

Wanelo has grown quite popular among young Internet users lately. Below, we’ve linked to five Wanelo collections to help writers, readers and publishers explore the rapidly growing social network for young shoppers.

Wanelo users browse collections of quirky and stylish things, and they can buy the item in a few short clicks. Authors and publishers do have an opportunity to share books on the new site, and popular books have been shared thousands of times. At the same time, readers can buy lots of literary items in the sprawling store. Check it out:

Every product you see on Wanelo was posted by hand by a member of Wanelo’s growing community, via our desktop browser bookmarkletWanelo for iPhone and iPad, or that POST+ link you see at the top of this page. On Wanelo you can: Collect products. Start with what’s Trending today, or follow some storespeople andcollections, then check out your feed. Save products you like. Post products. Anyone can post any product from any online store. Sell products. Store pages are created when members post products from a new store. If products from *your* store have been posted on Wanelo, you can claim it.

5 Wanelo Collections for Writers, Readers and Publishers

Books being sold on Wanelo

Bookshelf collection

Urban Outfitters (one of the biggest booksellers on Wanelo)

Writing notebooks on Wanelo

Book art collection