Vince Flynn Builds Character Database with Help from Friends

By Jason Boog Comment

With 14 political thrillers published, novelist Vince Flynn¬†gets¬†hundreds of reader requests every year for a character index–so the novelist decided to build the database online with help from his fans.

If you want to submit character names for the index, you can use this online form. Flynn will publish the database as a free eBook, including his readers inside the book.

I would like to create a character database for and also offer the information in a free eBook, but I’m busy writing the next Rapp novel so I’m going to need to enlist The Rapp Pack. Together, we’re going to create the Ultimate Vince Flynn Database and have it online and in eBook form by this fall … We’ll do our best to keep the link updated so you can see who has already been suggested … I will make sure that everyone who contributes will be listed in the eBook version of the character index, so please send in your full names along with your suggestions-your names will live on forever in the US Library of Congress!

(Photo Credit: Peter Hurley)