Video Game Advice for Writers

By Jason Boog Comment

In an encore edition of the Morning Media Menu, we talked with Alex Irvine, the writer behind the popular Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Press play below to listen–Irvine shared tips for aspiring video game writers.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Irvine interview: “There are a lot of social games out there, as this game gets going, I think there is going to be a lot of opportunities coming. I would expect to see a lot more games like this. I also think, because the gaming space is changing so fast, that a lot of writers are going to see what sort of opportunities are out there in new hybrid forms between prose and animation, gaming and comics. It’s all going to get mashed together, remixed and recombined in lots of interesting ways over the next few years.”

Irvine concluded: “Social gaming space is moving fast, this game is one early example of what you can do. I would expect to see a lot more games like this for people who want to do this, I would say give it a try.”