Unstuck Sponsors Micro-Lit Writing Contest

By Jason Boog Comment

The new literary journal Unstuck is sponsoring a free micro-lit writing contest to promote its first issue. Submissions should focus on the theme of “Lovemarks.”

We’ve listed the unique submission guidelines below to help you format your entry. Here’s more: “we’re interested in work that explores ideas like: ‘respectful, intimate, committed, trust-based love relationships’ between human beings and corporations; corporate personhood; corporate mythology; corporate empathy; brand/product/design fetishism; and the mystery and ‘sensuality’ of logos and other everyday symbols.”

The annual journal will focus on “literary fiction with elements of the fantastic, the futuristic, the surreal, or the strange,” publishing work by Aimee Bender, Joe Meno and many others.

Length and Format Guidelines

Your submission must be broken into exactly twelve “tweets” – i.e., twelve sections of no more than 140 characters each. Spaces and punctuation marks count as characters. Your complete submission, poem, or essay will therefore run about 250-350 words, and will consist of twelve tiny parts. (Each finalist will be published on our Twitter feed in these twelve parts.)

If you’re new to Twitter and would like a visual aid, this is the maximum size of a tweet:

123456789 123456789 12345678, 123456789 123456789?
123456789 12345678; 123456789 123456 – 12345678.
123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789!

Your contest entry, again, should consist of exactly twelve sections that are this size or smaller.