Twerking & Squee Added to Oxford Dictionaries Online

By Jason Boog Comment

The Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) has added a host of new words to its online lexicon, including squeebitcoinmichelada and twerking.

Despite Miley Cyrus‘ headline making performance this week, the word “twerk” goes back as far as 1993 in popular culture. The ODO blog used a stream of newly added words with links to definitions. Check it out:

If you are someone who always leaves prepping for a party to the last minute, you’ll be relieved to know that you can now click and collect, so you can avoid a mad trolley dashto grab some cake pops or blondies before your guests arrive. And don’t forget somepear cider to wash down all those tasty treats … Even if your party turns into an omnishambles, full of people in double denim doingdad dancing, try not to worry. You’ll soon feel better after a bit of me time: a few minutes in the child’s pose, a chilled michelada, and a Nordic noir will have you feeling as right as rain.