True/Slant Blog Network Shuttered

By Jason Boog Comment

trueslant.jpgYesterday our sibling blog WebNewser reported that the blog network True/Slant has been shuttered. The network included blogs by journalists, authors, and publishing bloggers–as the site closes, we wanted to remember some True/Slant writers.

Journalist Colin Miner wrote about the future of publishing at Gutenberg Revisited. Author Caitlin Kelly blogged about books and culture at Broadside. Skeptic magazine founder Michael Shermer blogged at Skeptic. Journalist Michael Humphrey discussed books, memory, and journalism at Past Imperfect. Add any publishing and book related True/Slant authors in the comments section.

Here’s an excerpt from Humphrey’s final post: “It remains to be seen whether there’s a lasting memory of True/Slant, the brilliant experiment of Lewis Dvorkin, Coates Bateman, Andrea Spiegel, Michael Roston, Steve McNally, 300 contributors and tens of thousands of engaged readers. It certainly competed with, and may very well inspire, those publications that will define this era. But finding the Independent is also a reminder of how ephemeral this business is, as it is meant to be. And yet…”