Tracey Garvis Graves Shares Self-Publishing Budget Advice

By Jason Boog Comment

Trying to budget for your self-published book? One formerly self-published author gave us a practical look at the financial and time challenges of taking the indie route.

In a new Media Beat interview (embedded above), author Tracey Garvis Graves shared advice about balancing your writing life and family life. Graves has since landed a traditional publishing deal, recently releasing the Uncharted novella. She offered this budgeting advice from her self-published bestseller, On the Island:

I knew there was a certain amount of money I wanted to put into the book, and it ended up being, by the time it was all said and done, about $1,500. I basically had no overhead, I hired everyone on a flat fee basis, and that price was negotiated up front. I knew what I was comfortable with. I knew editing would take my biggest chunk, and it did…

She also shared tips for looking for an editor:

I went out on Twitter and paid attention. If someone tweeted that they did good work, I would write that name down. That’s how I found my editor. For my copy editor, I just went to some of the message boards I used to hang out at Kindle Boards, and I just listened. Who are people talking about? Who are people saying that they’ve worked with and been very pleased with?

If you want more, you can check out her Self-Publishing FAQ, an informative look at this growing field.