Top Stories of 2010

By Jason Boog Comment

Happy New Year! We’ll be off for the rest of the holiday weekend, but here is our annual roundup of publishing stories.

In addition to our free literary sampler of the best books of 2010, we’ve collected the ten most popular stories on GalleyCat from each month. Looking back at these headlines, we can see the hopes, fears, and distractions that obsessed the publishing industry in 2010. Here are links to 12 months of publishing headlines.

1. Hipsters’ Hate & GalleyCat Reviews: Top Stories of January 2010
2. Macmillan vs. Amazon: Top Stories from February 2010
3. Reading Rainbow & Book Editors: Top Stories of March 2010
4. YA Authors Combat Bullying & Book Publicists Unite: Top Stories of April 2010
5. Tyra Banks Book Deal & Lost Finale Theories: Top Stories of May 2010
6. Stephenie Meyer Burnout & Librarians on Twitter: Top Stories of June 2010
7. Anne Rice Quit Christianity & Old Spice Guy Loved Libraries: Top 10 Stories of July 2010
8. Seth Godin Quit & Haruki Murakami Adapted: Top 10 Stories of August 2010
9. Jimi Hendrix & Authors on Facebook: Top Stories of September 2010
10. Mad Men Memoir & Out-of-Print Madonna: Top Stories for October 2010
11. J.K. Rowling’s Promise & the Best Literary Agents on Twitter: Top Stories of November 2010
12. Best Books & Publishing Predictions: Top Stories for December 2010