They Made a Movie of Radio Free Albemuth?!?


By Neal Comments

The Hollywood Reporter had a brief item yesterday about Alanis Morissette joining the cast of Radio Free Albemuth, a low-budget indie adaptation of a psthumously published novel by visionary science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick. Originally written in 1976, this book was the author’s initial attempt to tackle many of the themes in his more widely known novel Valis, including the process of writing himself into the story. Now, a PKD-themed blog is reporting that shooting on the film has already wrapped. The post passes along a note from director John Alan Simon: “Privately financed, the entire budget of the picture was less than the majors spend on catering, but this way we were able to make an adaptation that I think is very close in spirit to the original.” Like blogger David Gill, I agree in principle that this has the potential to be a great approach to handling the novel, which always had a bit of a samizdat feel to it.