The Year in GalleyCat: March

By Neal Comment

⇒I discovered this job will probably give me deep vein thrombosis. Great.

Marvel Comics announced the death of Captain America, and they swore they meant it. Well, they meant that the guy who was in the costume was dead; next month, they’re finally going to hit the plot point where somebody new takes up the shield.

Jonathan Safran Foer is working on a haggadah that speaks to today’s youth, one that is actually going to inspire you to get up from the seder table and change the world. Also, he said, it’ll have “awesome artwork, not little kitschy scribbles.”

⇒The Wall Street Journal took note of the decline in ad sales supporting newspaper book review sections, but even if those sections died out completely, Lauren Lipton told me, most writers wouldn’t be affected, since they’re not deemed “literary” enough to warrant reviews anyway.

⇒I sat in on an Assocation of American Publishers conference on publishing technology, which confirmed my suspicion that “[publishers] have got to make some strong allies in the technology world, because the content is already migrating online and at this point it’s only a question of how much power they’ll be able to retain over it.”

⇒A young boy got lost in the woods for four days, and reading a YA novel probably saved his life. Awesome.