The Valerie Plame Book Deal Sweepstakes go to…


By Carmen Comment

the lovely folks at Crown, who in winning the auction for the outed CIA agent’s memoirs, forked over a cool $2.5 million for the honors, Reuters reports. They got their info from Publishers Marketplace, who wrote up the tagline for FAIR GAME as “a discussion of her actual role in the American intelligence community, as well as the prominence of her role in the lead-up to the war.”

Elyse Cheney brokered the deal to Rick Horgan, who plans to publish in 2007. But before doing so, Depending on the nature of Plame’s book, it may have to undergo a CIA review before it is published, a CIA spokesman said. “The pre-publication review process is designed to avoid the inadvertent disclosure of classified information into the public domain,” said the spokesman. Which essentially means that a lot of the good stuff won’t make it past the spook censors…