The Library Book Life Cycle

By Jason Boog Comment

A reddit user and librarian posted an epic chart recently, mapping the life cycle of a library book.

You can follow a popular or unpopular book through the map of what happens inside this particular library system. It gives readers a glimpse into both the past, present and future of your favorite book. When was the last time you checked out your favorite library book? Check it out:

Stage four (a) “Social Butterfly”: Not being on display all the time hasn’t stopped this book from being a hit. Being kept on hold for months at a time, being checked out like no other, this book is always out of the library. It interacts with new people, tells them a story, and lets them jump into a new world, without leaving the comfort of their recliner.

Stage five (a) “Tired out”: After being out for so long, being around so many people, and being taken everywhere, the book is tired and in need of some rest and relaxation. The binding is a little worn, the edges of the cover hurt, and it looks like a little kid may have even taken a crayon to one of the pages. Luckily, there are people who know how to fix this and the book is taken out of circulation and mended.