The Complete Deaths to Detail the 74 Deaths in Shakespeare’s Plays

By Maryann Yin Comment


The Spymonkey production company will put on a show that features the 74 deaths from the plays of William Shakespeare. The Complete Deaths will open at the Royal & Derngate (based in Northampton, United Kingdom) in May 2016.

Here’s more from The Telegraph: “The Complete Deaths will detail all of the Bard’s 74 scripted deaths in one play, from early rapier thrusts to the more elaborate viper-breast-application adopted by Cleopatra. The total makes Shakespeare’s complete works more gory than notorious HBO TV show Game of Thrones, which has scripted 61 deaths in 50 episodes, including the controversial burning of a child at the stake.”

The image embedded above features a pie chart listing the “causes of deaths in Shakespeare plays.” Follow this link to download a digital copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. (via mental floss)