The Annual Cat Photo Frenzy Begins… NOW.

By Neal Comment

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Apparently there’s a new Yahoo Group being formed called “The Bastion,” which will be, in the words of founder Moshe Feder, “a place for members of the SF, Fantasy, and Horror communities (fans and pros both) to share their love of cats.” (The title dervies from Egyptian mythology.) I don’t know much more about it than what I read on SFScope, the search function on Yahoo Groups being unhelpful, but that sounds like the sort of thing the GalleyCat Army could get behind…

It also reminds me that I haven’t run an open call for your cat photos since last December—and since I’m going out of town later this week on a speaking engagement, now’s a good time to bulk up! You know the drill: Authors (published or at the very least with a book deal in place), bookstore owners, and other publishing industry pros are invited to send in pictures of their cats—preferably doing something cute, ideally with a book or a manuscript or anything literary in the image, and definitely with a backstory to go with it. Any questions? Consult the archives.

This time around, let’s cast the net wide; even if your cat’s been featured before, if you’ve got a new photo and new news, we’ll take a look. But, please, just cats this week; as always, we’ll feature dogs and other creatures in early August.