TED Books iOS App Now Available

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

TED Books, the publishing arm of the TED Conference, has launched its new iOS app for eBooks. The publisher announced the beta edition of the app a couple of weeks ago, but it went live in iTunes yesterday.

The app launches with 16 current eBooks and new titles will be released every two weeks. AppNewser has more: “The app lets readers buy eBooks a la carte for $2.99 each or readers can subscribe for $15 for a three month subscription, which gives readers access to all of TED’s eBooks.”

Here is more from the TEDChris blog: “the app retains the linear narrative thread that makes reading so appealing. Some ambitious attempts to create ebooks on a tablet have somehow abandoned this. When you snuggle up with a book, you want the author to take you on a journey. You don’t want to have to make constant choices as to what to look at. If you think of a book as a wonderful train journey, some ebook apps effectively boot you off the train and make you travel by rental car.”