Teacher Raising Funds for Reading Corner in His Special Education Classroom

By Jason Boog Comment

A Garland, Texas teacher is raising money on Limeades for Learning to build a reading space for his students.

Joshua Michaelis teaches special education students at a Title I school, helping kids that are “one to five years behind their peers.” He hopes to raise $417 dollars to create a simple reading nook for his students. Check it out:

Very few of my students have an appropriate place to read at home or access to books on their level. These students are eager to learn, and reading is essential to mastering all subjects in school. Helping them realize that there is a world outside of Garland, Texas, is one way to put them on the road to academic success.  I have requested materials to set up a reading corner in my classroom. Currently there are file cabinets and a not so attractive 1970’s style cabinet. The plan is to remove all of this in order to set up the reading corner. The materials I have requested are; 1) A rug to read on. The rug is a space theme to go along with expanding their worlds through reading. 2) Two beanbag chairs to sit on while reading. 3) Two seats for the ground to allow sitting on the floor comfortably while reading. 4) Tubs to store the books in. 5) Labels to organize the books. (Via)