Tea Party Express’ Former Chairman & Author Mark Williams Selling Book on Amazon

By Jason Boog Comment

markwilliams23.jpgOver the weekend, Tea Party Express chairman and author Mark Williams faced scathing criticism for posting a parody letter supposedly written by African American leaders to Abraham Lincoln. In March, Williams began selling his own book on Amazon.

Entitled Mark Williams: Taking Back America One Tea Party at a Time his book sells for $20 on Amazon. Here’s more from the book’s description: “Why Obama is dangerous and must be stopped > How the media has lined up against the nation > Why “Under God” is important > Who is the real enemy of liberty? > Liberals really ARE mentally ill > Real racism > The Savagry of Islam and how political correctness led to 9/11″

The leader has since been kicked out of the 85-member National Tea Party Federation and has stepped out of his leadership role at the Tea Party Express. In his controversial letter, fictional African Americans urged the Lincoln to reinstate slavery. Even though the original post has been removed, Talking Points Memo recorded some of the highly offensive material at this post.

Williams posted this new statement in place of the original letter: “I have removed the parody letter you came here to read and urge you to fight those who seek to divide us by race, no matter the color of the racist. Our fight is against tyranny and for liberty and to see that this nation continues the lofty goal of equality for all set for us by our founders. Make no mistake though, there are those for whom peace and progress is poison and they will continue to circulate the several versions of my article (Yes, there were several versions. As reasonable people pointed out to me wording that I agreed was indeed objectionable it was removed or changed by me personally.)”