Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire & The Decemberists Record Songs for Hunger Games Album

By Maryann Yin Comment

Lionsgate has unveiled a new Taylor Swift song for The Hunger Games called “Safe and Sound;” the ballad features musical-duo The Civil Wars.

Above, we’ve embedded a video that contains the full track–what do you think? Deadline reports that twelve hours following the song’s release, it hit iTunes’ top ten singles list.

Fans can expect more music to come from Canadian indie band Arcade Fire with a song titled Horn of Plenty. Folk-rock group The Decemberists also created an original song titled One Engine. All of these musical contributions will be featured on a companion album for The Hunger Games; the actual movie soundtrack will be released separately.

So far, the fans on Facebook have added thousands of likes for the song. Follow this link to view the lyrics for Safe and Sound.

Here’s more from Deadline: “The companion album will feature all newly written songs based on themes that figure in The Hunger Games…The companion album will be released before the movie’s opening March 23.”

As we previously noted, Oscar-winning musician T Bone Burnett will serve as executive producer for the movie soundtracks as well as the musical score. MTV reports that Grammy winner Danny Elfman dropped out of The Hunger Games project due to “scheduling conflicts.” Another Grammy-winning film composer, James Newton Howard, has stepped in to replace Elfman as composer for the film’s musical score.

During an interview with MTV, Burnett revealed that the film’s lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has contributed vocals to the soundtrack. It is highly plausible that Lawrence recorded a song Katniss Everdeen sings while in the battle arena. Do you have a special playlist that you listen to while reading The Hunger Games trilogy? If so, what songs have you included in it?