SXSW Publishing Panel Sparks Fireworks

By Jason Boog Comment

Literary bloggers have been debating the SXSW Festival’s “New Think for Old Publishers” panel all day. As the short video (by Books and Authors) illustrates above, yesterday’s one-hour discussion exposed a tumultuous, ongoing debate the future of publishing.

Booksquare reviewed the experience: “As the panelists expounded upon their lofty roles in the world of publishing–and I’m sorry to say that it sounded as if they worked on a mountain high, whether intended or not–they seemed oblivious to fact that they were speaking to a room filled with publishers. It was as if we didn’t understand the rigors the job.”

Medialoper wrote: “Without warning the panel discussion was turned into an impromptu focus group. A twist that was met alternately with skepticism, amusement, and open hostility.” Finally, author William F. Aicher actually participated in the panel, and wrote: “[P]ublishers need to stop trying to be tastemakers and instead realize that they are ultimately administrators of extraordinarily valuable copyright-protected content that they can build a brand around.”

Follow the real-time debate on the panel’s Twitter feed. Links via Richard Nash and Mike Cane. Add your thoughts in the comments for a future post.