Stuff What I Found on Teh Intarwebs

By Neal Comment

⇒The musicblog Moistworks has been running guest essays from the literati all week, including GalleyCat pal Christopher Sorrentino‘s personal revelations filtered through a jazz prism and some MP3 picks from Rick Moody, who’ll probably end up as a GalleyCat pal one of these days, once he gets to know the current team better.

Edward J. Renehan, Jr. alerts us to the story of a British schoolteacher forced out of her job because she writes gothic erotica in her spare time, including a novel about “a 17th-century vampire who lusts after women after being drugged with ecstasy.” Never mind how they got ecstacy to the 17th century; this is just uncool. I love how the local rep of the National Association of Head Teachers is all, “Sometimes things happen which make a teacher’s position untenable and this is the best outcome for all concerned, especially the teacher who leaves without a stain on her character.” Right, except for the part where she’s known the rest of her life as the woman who had to quit her job for writing vampire porn. At least her students stuck up for her.

⇒Based on the trailer for Stardust, this all-star adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s fantasy novel is either going to be Totally Freakin’ Awesome or Ladyhawke for a new generation. Although maybe it’s just the presence of Michelle Pfeiffer that’s making me think of that less rosy option. At least we can be reasonably certain young Charlie Cox’s accent won’t slide all over the place…