Speed Reading Tools Online

By Jason Boog Comment

As the amount of content on the web multiplies, a few companies are developing tools for helping readers read faster simply by cutting and pasting text into a special reader.

The video embedded above shows you how to use ZAP Reader, a tool that claims to be able to increase reading speed by up to 300 percent. The website Speeder has a similar interface, and speculates that some users can read up to 1,000 words-per-minute after training with the interface.

Here’s more about how one reader works: “ZAP Reader is a web based speed reading program that will change the way you read on your computer. Current beta testers report reading twice as much in half the time–that’s a 300% increase in reading speed, without any loss in comprehension! There is nothing to install, it works with most popular browsers, and it’s totally free!”

What do you think? (Via Maree I Think)