So that’s how Judith Regan can cash in on this

By Carmen Comment

I suppose it was only a matter of time before James Frey and A MILLION LITTLE PIECES would be mercilessly parodied. But so soon? That’s what the Book Standard says, reporting that ReganBooks will publish A MILLION LITTLE LIES by one “James Pinocchio” on March 28.

Says Regan: “James Pinocchio wakes up in the back of a New York City taxi with a combination lock piercing his left ear and no idea how it got there, or what the combination is. The following day, his wealthy parents decide to put an end to his drinking and dancing, and they send him off to Sleepy Hollow, the famous rehab facility in Upstate New York, where he meets all sorts of Fascinating Characters, one more Unbelievable and Amazing than the next.”

“Mr. Pinocchio’s story, which he co-wrote with bestselling ghostwriter, screenwriter and studmuffin Pablo F. Fenjves, stretches credibility to the breaking point, but the unbelievable pain, the dirty sex, and the endless amounts of girlish crying make it all worthwhile – and eventually lead to Redemption and Healing (though not for Mr. Pinocchio).”

Doing a little digging, there’s already an Amazon entry, but it claims the book’s pub date isn’t until April 30 and Fenjves — who’s already co-written one memoir and one inspirational story for ReganBooks as well as a bunch of crappy TV movies — is listed as sole author, natch.