Smashwords Counts 127K Titles & Projects $12M in Revenue This Year

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Self-publishing company Smashwords has made the process of creating and making changes to an eBook retail listing quicker.

The service upgrade comes as the site is poised for significant growth. The site, which has published about 127,000 titles by 44,000 writers, is projected to double its revenues this year. According to a story in Forbes,”Coker projects $12 million in revenue this year, double last year’s take. With an expected 2012 pretax profit approaching $1 million, the company intentionally keeps margins slim to squeeze out competitors, though Coker expects fatter profits as the company scales.”

AppNewser has more: “Changing the price of an eBook, which used to take about a week, now takes a day or two for Kobo and a few hours for Apple’s iBookstore. Smashwords founder Mark Coker explains in his blog: ‘This means you can change a price from your Smashwords Dashboard and the new price, in multiple currencies, will reflect across Apple’s 32 iBookstores, often within an hour of your change.'”