Shiloh Walker Sells Three Paranormal Novels

By Jason Boog Comment

shilohwalker.jpgThis week novelist Shiloh Walker sealed the deal on three new paranormal novels with Berkley. Irene Goodman from the Irene Goodman Literary Agency sealed the deal, and Cindy Hwang at Berkley bought the books.

The first title is Thrill of the Hunt, a paranormal contemporary romance about a werewolf pitted against a vampire who works as a killer-for-hire. Intrigued by her Twitter posts, GalleyCat caught up with Walker to find out how she landed her most recent deal.

The veteran author outlined her pitching process: “While I spazzed out (spazzing out is my normal MO), the actual pitch itself was easier than the first one, easier than the second … gradually, I think it just gets easier and easier as you get used to working with one particular editor.”

She continued: “Now, last year was a different story altogether. I write paranormal for Berkley, but I’m a fast writer and I wanted to branch out and explore romantic suspense with another publisher. So I put together a proposal for a new publisher. Pitching that one? I think that was even harder than when I’d originally first pitched an idea to Cindy.”

She remembered her first book deal: “When I’d first approached Cindy, it was after she’d contacted me about writing a novella for an anthology, and I literally did not give myself time to think–I just blurted out, ‘Well, would you be interested in….’

She concluded: “This time, I had time to think while I was putting together this proposal. I imagine as I work with the new editor–Kate Collins with Ballantine–it will get easier.”