Scene Last Night, On the Town


By Neal Comment

tuesnight-parties.jpgTop: Sexperts Em and Lo sign copies of their two guidebooks, Rec Sex and Sex Toy, at Babeland for fans who braved the rain. The two authors will also be appearing tomorrow night at Rizzoli. Bottom left: Goy Crazy author Melissa Schorr grabs hold of her daughter, Alexa, in the back room at Katz’s, where potato pancakes and pigs in blankets made excellent pub party fare. There was also a plate with a “Goy Crazy” sandwich, but pastrami and mayo on white bread didn’t seem to whet anybody’s appetite just then… Bottom right: I was only able to get off one good shot of Brett Paesel reading from her new novel, Mommies Who Drink, at a Soho House wine tasting before I was politely informed that photographs are not taken at Soho House (unless, I suppose, a fight breaks out). Anyway, the book was great fun, and if the nattering nabobs at the surrounding tables had stifled their oh-so-important conversations, Paesel’s hilariously raunchy tales of new motherhood would’ve given them something to laugh about. She’s at Bluestockings tonight if you want to see for yourself…