Richard Blood Has Died

By Jason Boog Comment

Journalist, former New York Daily News editor and journalism professor Richard Blood passed away this weekend.

For twenty years, Blood (pictured, via) taught journalism students at New York University and Columbia University School of Journalism. This GalleyCat editor only spent one semester with Blood, but left his class with a lifetime of writing advice.

Students and friends can add tributes on this Facebook memorial. The Daily Plan-it has a collection of links to more online tributes to the great teacher.

The AP obituary for Blood contained a valuable piece of writing advice, the perfect way to remember the journalist: “One of Blood’s classroom sayings was to always ‘eat the meal,’ a reference to a time when a student came back to his classroom from covering a soup kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal without having tasted it. The lesson was learned as a metaphor for future students: Always try to get as close as possible to a subject, to understand their story and soak in every detail.” (Via Kris Wilton)