ReganMedia head of publicity quits


By Carmen Comment

In a very short item in Rush & Malloy’s column from the 11/14 NYDN, which we noticed because it got cannibalized for the Monterey Daily Herald, Paul Crichton reveals that he’s left his post as publicity director for the House of Regan (which relocated to LA not so long ago). The move was sudden, but Crichton is quoted as saying he “bears her no ill will.” Well, ain’t that a lovely choice of words — and probably means that Bridie Clark’s upcoming roman a clef will be that much more anticipated…

(Ron adds: Gee, I wonder why we didn’t hear about this in Page Six? They’re usually so prompt with the ReganMedia news…For that matter, though, I don’t recall seing this in PW Daily or Publishers Marketplace, and I’ll have to double-check the back issues of’s Revolving Door newsletter…I wonder if moving to Los Angeles really did make Judith Regan drop off all our radars…)