Rebecca Skloot & Constance Hale Join Mediabistro Literary Festival

By Jason Boog Comment

Want to finish your book this summer? From July 16 through August 1, 2012, Mediabistro will host its first Literary Festival & Workshops.

Among our long list of guests, Rebecca Skloot (pictured) will share some Unconventional Publicity tips and Constance Hale will offer Five Secrets for Wicked Good Prose. More details about the event follow below…

Check it out: “This is an innovative online conference and workshop that bridges the best of conferences and online learning: Keynote speeches by world-class authors, with interactive Q&A sessions. Practical how-to sessions from agents, editors, and writers that show you how to put big ideas into immediate practice. Writing workshops with authors and peers. Get feedback on your writing project. Peer interaction: Make connections with other writers from across the globe and participate in our summer reading group.”

Mediabistro Literary Festival & Workshops

Meet leading authors, editors, and literary agents and get your writing project professionally critiqued in our online Literary Festival & Workshops, July 16 – August 1, 2012. In our innovative, interactive online event, you will:

  • Hear from accomplished authors, literary agents, and editors
  • Workshop your own creative project with writers and editors
  • And make connections with other writers and book lovers across the globe in our summer reading group.

Come celebrate the publishing world with us and get inspired to finish the book project you’ve been working on.

Speakers include:

Susan Orlean
Journalist, The New Yorker
Constance Hale
Sin & Syntax
Opening Keynote 5 Secrets for Wicked Good Prose


Rebecca Skloot
Author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Jason Boog
Publishing Editor
GalleyCat, Mediabistro
Unconventional Publicity: How She Made Her Debut Science Book Into a Best-Seller How To Build A Social Media Platform for Your Book


Sarah Fine
Author and
Child Psychologist
Jason Allen Ashlock
Literary Agent and President
Movable Type Management
Overcome Obstacles To Become the Writer You Want to Be The Literary Agent’s Wishlist: Multimedia Ideas for Print, Digital, Film & TV

Each conference pass includes participation in a writing workshop of your choice:

  • Query letter writing with Kate McKean, literary agent at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
  • Visualize your creative writing project with Pinterest with Kate Rockland, author of 150 Pounds and Falling Is Like This
  • How to research and write historical fiction with Erika Mailman, author of The Witch’s Trinity and Woman of Ill Fame
  • Nailing the first pages of your novel with Erika Mailman, author of The Witch’s Trinity and Woman of Ill Fame
  • Nail the hook for your young adult novel with Kristen Kemp, author of 16 YA books, including Redemption
  • Romance writing: It’s all about chemistry with Sarah MacLean, author of Rules of Scoundrels series, A Rogue by Any Other Name (Avon)
  • Short story writing with S. Kirk Walsh, who has worked at The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Details, Entertainment Weekly, and Self
  • Time, space, and magic: Writing believable fantasy and science fiction with Ted Mendelssohn, author of The Wrong Sword
  • Words to die for: Mystery and crime writing with Hilary Davidson, author of The Damage Done and The Next One to Fall
  • Character development in nonfiction with Kelly McMasters, author of Welcome to Shirley: A Memoir from an Atomic Town
  • The far reach of truth: Nonfiction over the edge with Melissa Holbrook Pierson, author of 4 nonfiction books and essayist
  • Mining for a memoir: What’s your story? Learn with Kelly McMasters, author of Welcome to Shirley: A Memoir from an Atomic Town

View full workshop details.

Each workshop is limited to 15 students, so sign up now to get the one of your choice.