Readers Rally Around Neale Donald Walsch After Plagiarism Accusations

By Jason Boog Comment

nealepic.gifYesterday spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch admitted that he copied a story published by another writer. On his popular blog, fans of Walsch’s Conversations with God book series rallied around their favorite author.

As the NY Times reported, Walsch published an essay about his child’s participation in a whimsical Christmas pageant on The tale closely mirrored a story written by Candy Chand–an accidental plagiarism, Walsch later insisted on his blog.

More than 115 readers have already replied to his apology, many defending Walsch. One commented: “Maybe the 2 of you were at the same children’s concert. No, I don’t think Chand should be offended at all. Isn’t that what the cosmic consciousness is all about? Minds and thoughts merging, even if it is a true story for one person, are we betting the odds that it could not have happened to thousands?”

Another reader chimed in: “[Y]ou, with 22 books out and counting and numerous articles published, stood to gain nothing in printing her story here as your own. Now that you have graciously given credit where credit is due, I can imagine a possibility that Ms. Chand might even be flattered by an author of your stature finding in her work such quality that it moved him to breed further life into it.”