Publishing Industry Results from LBF

By Carmen Comment

IBS Industries surveyed publishing professionals at the London Book Fair and has published their results. More than 200 publishers provided insight into the industry and 56% cited the creation and management of distribution channels as a major concern for publishers. Maintaining profitability was also key with 48% rating this as a key concern.

In terms of change, more than half considered Print on Demand a major issue for the future and something that all publishers need to embrace to ensure future success. Similarly, eBooks and the sale of digital content rated highly with 28% and 45% of publishers considering these the most important changes for the future. However, the industry is upbeat with 61% saying their main objective for the current year is to increase revenue. In addition, 43% claim the need to increase efficiency as similarly important.

Mike Irving, VP of Publishing for IBS commented, “Most publishers are looking to achieve growth in the coming year – but in a changing business environment it is those that also reduce operating costs that will be most successful. We are very interested to see what is making the industry tick and look forward to working closely with existing and potential customers to help them achieve these business aims.”