Publishing Happenings on Second Life


By Carmen Comment

The Bookseller reports that The Random House Group held the first meeting of its virtual book group in Second Life yesterday (Tuesday), as the first step in a series of initiatives the publisher is planning to engage with the virtual world. Members discussed Audrey Niffenegger‘s THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE in the Rose Garden of the Elysian Isle, an area specially developed for RHG to host book-related events. “The book group is the first of a series of initiatives planned to engage with Second Life communities, creating opportunities for them to access and interact with our content and to meet our authors,” said Ros Lawler, digital marketing and publicity manager of Random House.

Meanwhile, Transworld announced that Richard Dawkins, author of the bestselling THE GOD DELUSION, will appear in a week of screenings to be held in Second Life, launching on Tuesday May 29th. Dawkins will appear on video, addressing the Second Life audience for 15-20 minutes. The video will run as a continuous feed, from 9am to midnight UK time, for seven consecutive days so avatars can attend the screenings whenever they like during this time. Outside the auditorium, Transworld have built two message walls, one for supporters of Dawkins’ thesis and one for the dissenters.