Publisher Revenues Up 4.9% in 2014: AAP

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Net revenues across aggregated publishers was up 4.9 percent in 2014 compared to 2013, reaching $15.7 billion as compared to $15 billion in 2013.

These figures include sales from Trade (fiction/non-fiction), K-12 Instructional Materials, Higher Education Course Materials and University Presses. The trade category alone saw revenues hit $7.2 billion, a 3.8 percent increase over the $6.9 billion revenues earned in 2013.

Much of last year’s sales growth came from Childrens & Young Adult and PreK-12 instructional materials. In 2014, Childrens & Young Adult Books grew consistently every month.

Adult Books sales decreased 1.4 percent in 2014. While paperbacks inched up 2.3percent in the category, hardcover sales dropped 8.2 percent. eBooks grew 4.7 percent as compared to 2013.