Publisher Encourages Staff To Leave Office!


By Carmen Comments reports on a planned holiday for the staff of Lonely Planet. Armed with a London edition of the newly launched Encounter series they took to the streets of the Capital, tasked with using the book to discover somewhere they had never been before. The company’s marketing executive Myriam Cotterell said: “This was the chance for staff to get to know a new series in the best way possible, by getting out there and using it themselves as well as having some fun in the process.”

But it wasn’t as if staff could simply run out and enjoy the good weather, catch a movie or play your regular brand of hooky, Booktrade continues. Staff instead were given a set of instructions: to Encounter someone/somewhere new, to take a photo of something or someone new and to try out one listing from the guide and review it, picking up tidbits of new information on the way. Preview copies of the guides, which are all written by locals, were also handed out to 1,000 travellers on