Playing Book Review Bingo

By Jason Boog Comment

bingo23.jpgIn a beautifully written, thought provoking, and haunting blog post written in the tradition of a gritty yet rollicking epic–one blogger has created Book Review Bingo. Examiner writer Michelle Kerns built some handy playing cards so readers can count common critical clichés and compete while reading book reviews.

Here’s more from the post: “Print them out. Distribute them among your reading fellows. See who can get to Bingo first. Or — depending on which publication you’re reading — who can get a blackout first. (Playing for a blackout will absolutely be a requirement when reading some publications. I mean, what’s the fun of playing Book Review Bingo when everyone gets a Bingo in the first two reviews?) Wallow in the joy of artificially inflated, knee-jerk, ultimately meaningless book reviews.”

All writers should memorize the words on these cards. After blogging for a few years, this GalleyCat editor has grown painfully aware of his own vocabulary shortcomings. In the 21st Century writing world, clichés make easy crutches.

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