Outside the Gates of Eden Free E-Book of the Day

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

9780226313153Outside the Gates of Eden: The Dream of America from Hiroshima to Now by Peter Bacon Hales is today’s Free E-Book of the Day.

The book explores the history of America “from the atomic age to the virtual age.” The University of Chicago has the download available for free throughout the month of February. Here is more about the book from its description:

It was the age of atomic testing, duck-and-cover, sprawling suburbs, TV, rock-and-roll, rockets to the moon, and riots in the cities. It was the fevered ascendance of the new, pop, modern, and utopian. Levittown to Lucy to Dylan. It was a time of exhilaration and anxiety, of shock and malaise, of the yearning for community and the quest for identity.