Online Ad Saturation

By Ethan Comment

I’m slowly piecing together Vincent Bugliosi’s online campaign for The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Roger Cooper, Vice-President, Publisher at Vanguard Press had this to add about another integral element.

I did want to add some facts and information regarding the success of the book. Without question FSB did a fabulous and creative job in reaching out and stimulating the internet community with excerpts and beyond. However, the other integral internet element that drove the book to the bestseller lists was a series of website/blog ads over a period of four weeks, reaching over 25,000,000 people – people with a predilection to be very interested in what Vince Bugliosi had to say in his book.

Working with MJ Rose on a daily basis, she helped come up with a very targeted list of Websites/blogs, created the flash ads which were very effective, the provided click-through information to show the impact at these various websites, which was extraordinary. I just wanted to make sure that just as FSB deserves tremendous credit on their campaign, that MJ Rose gets major credit as well for a blog ad campaign that really was complementary and supportive to what FSB was doing.

UPDATE: From M. J. Rose was responsible for creating ads and running them on dozens of blogs in cluding, The Nation online, MotherJones online, DailyKos, Talking PointsMemo and more over a seven week period.

We reached over 25million targeted people during 6 weeks of aggressive advertising with click through rates that HuffPo told me were the single highest click through rate in one day than any other ad they have ever run.

Roger Cooper – the publisher of the book – believes that the ads – which cost less than a 1/2 page ad in the New York Times print edition – which would have only run once – were significant in the sales of the book.