On-Demand Flash Fiction

By Jason Boog Comment

nameyourtale.jpgThree enterprising writers created a website Name Your Tale, where readers submit titles and a team of authors creates a 100-word story to fit the title—on-demand flash fiction.

While they don’t promise to write a story for every submission, the site is already stocked with stories. GalleyCat spotted these excellent titles: “The Day My House Burned Down” and “Her Hair Always Smelled of Crayons.” The project was created by Brooklyn author Nick Faber and North Carolina-based writers Jeremy S. Griffin and Jenny Nicholson.

Here’s more from the submission form: “It is so simple. You give us a title and we write a short story. A very short story, in fact, exactly 100 words. We won’t spam you and we won’t share your email address. We just want to let you know if we publish your story. We will write as many of your stories as we can, but we’re not machines—yet.” (Via Digital Fiction)