Oh, the People You Meet at BEA Parties

By Jason Boog Comment

bealog2010.pngYesterday we prowled BEA parties with Garrison Keillor‘s dour “Publishing is about to slide into the sea” pronouncement ringing in our ears.

Our night began at The New York Times‘ literary party where Ryan Chapman discussed upcoming projects and P.E. Logan chatted about book reviews. Carolyn Kellogg pondered the long night ahead of us, Thomas Rogers critiqued Sex and the City 2, and Leslie Koppenhaver cheered Graywolf Press‘ good year. Laura Miller shared her feelings about the Lost finale and Jonathan Lethem suggested we read a certain biography of the late, great Nathanael West.

At the Harper Perennial blogger apprecition party in the historic Algonquin Hotel, we talked with Ron Hogan about his reading series and debated publishing profits with Levi Asher. Jurgen Fauth chatted about Fictionaut while Marcy Dermansky explained her upcoming novel. Kevin Smokler talked about book tours. Susan Henderson showed off her new galley and Robin Slick said her son had joined the rock band Dr. Dog.

At the BEA Tweetup at Powerhouse Books, we chatted with Laura Dawson about her newsletter and debated with Brett Sandusky about who really owns publishing industry. Antony McGregor Dey explained QR Codes and Nicholas Boshart outlined his new art project. Brian O’Leary shared publishing stats, Pablo Defendini updated us on Open Road Integrated Media, and Guy LeCharles Gonzalez pondered BEA 2010.

We walked home in the balmy Brooklyn evening, snapping our fingers to iPod music. At that moment, we agreed wholeheartedly with Harold Underdown’s much repeated tweet: “After two hours of pushing through the crowds at #bea10, I have reached a simple conclusion: print book publishing is far from dead.”