Oh bother, now just anyone can get a book deal


By Carmen Comment

So there’s but a faint whiff of snobbery in Telegraph society columnist Celia Walden‘s latest piece on how those godawful z-list celebrites (like former Make Me A Supermodel contestant Jasmine Lennard [above], who for someone that young sure has had a hell of a lot of botox and collagen, don’t you think?) can get book deals for essentially doing nothing than be famous for a few minutes – not even the requisite fifteen.

But Walden does ask a good question: who buys these books? “I can understand why Jordan‘s autobiography might be compelling,” she adds, “but surely there’s a level at which, like living cells in freezing temperatures, human interest dies?” No kidding. But it’s also part of the desperation for the here-and-now that infects some branches of publishing on both sides of the pond. Kind of like how there’s this glut of gossip-lit books of late, but now that they haven’t done so well, perhaps that boat has finally sailed…and so too will the quest for immortalizing further z-listers.