Occupy Wall Street Library Briefly Reopened in Zuccotti Park

By Jason Boog Comment

On the six month anniversary of the movement, the Occupy Wall Street library briefly reopened before the police cleared Zuccotti Park. The librarians posted this message on Saturday night: “The People’s Library is once again open at #LibertyPlaza. 1,000 people here right now and staying all night.”

But by 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, the police had cleared the park–this video recorded some of the arrests. The New York Times described the violent scene: “At one point, a woman who appeared to be suffering from a seizures flopped on the ground in handcuffs as bystanders shouted for the police to remove her handcuffs and provide medical attention. For several minutes the woman lay on the ground as onlookers made increasingly agonized demands. Eventually, an ambulance arrived and the woman was placed inside.”

The occupation has now moved to Union Square Park, where organizers report that “several dozen” activists occupied Union Square last night. Here’s more from the site: “Over 70 people remain, now on Day 3. Although tents and tables are still banned, Occupiers have brought blankets and sleeping gear. Many are calling it ‘the new Occupation.'”

The March 17th re-occupation began when the Occupy Wall Street organizers sent a Twitter message to its 154,000 followers: “500+ RE-OCCUPYING LIBERTY SQUARE RIGHT NOW! JOIN US!”

Occupy Wall Street librarian Stephen Boyer took the photograph embedded above and wrote a dispatch from the park: “Spring has come to New York City! Which means, if you’ve been hiding and resting this winter (like I did for a bit) it’s time to dust off your signs and hit the streets! The flowers are in bloom and job prospects are still scarce, so it’s the perfect time to fall in love and with Cupid’s arrow hanging out of your side, run around the streets of New York demanding a better world for you and your new found lover.”

A separate text message from the Occupy Wall Street organizers urged supporters to bring blankets and food to the park. The Daily Occupier live-blogged the protests and celebration near Wall Street on Saturday.