‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Producer Options ‘Raiders!’

By Jason Boog Comment

raidersJeremy Coon, the producer of Napoleon Dynamite, has optioned Raiders!Alan Eisenstock‘s nonfiction book about a group of ambitious kids who re-shot Raiders of the Lost Ark in their backyard.

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press published the book. Wendy Sherman at Wendy Sherman Associates negotiated the deal on behalf of the author and subjects of the book. Here’s more about the story:

Raiders! tells the story of Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala who met in elementary school and decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark—every scene, every shot, every stunt—in their backyard and basement. They had no camera, no cast, no crew, and no clue. Incredibly, over the course of seven years, with the help of family and friends, they made their film. By then, they had almost burned down Eric’s house, nearly killed Eric, cast Chris’s dog as a Nazi, and stopped speaking to each other.