Mommy and Me Book Clubs

By Jason Boog Comment

Concerned that smartphones and tablet computers will lure your children away from books? Take action with a Mommy and Me Book Club (or a Daddy and Me Book Club, in the case of this GalleyCat editor).

Over at Imagination Soup, blogger and book club leader Danielle Scribner shared her experiences running cooperative book clubs for preschoolers–pooling literary resources and time with fellow parents.

Here’s more about the book club from Scribner: “We meet together each Wednesday for an hour and a half.  We have a circle time where we sing songs and introduce the Book of the Week.   Then we do fun art activities and games based off of our book.  We even try to tie our snack into the theme.  I do all of the lesson planning and email it out to the other Mommies.  The Mommies e-mail back to say which activity they would like to be in charge of that week…I rely heavily on the incredibly talented preschool and Mommy bloggers I have found online.  There are so many tremendously generous teachers who share their ideas and materials for free.”