Mind Bending Limited Edition “Vampire Academy” Cover

By Jason Boog Comment

Tomorrow Penguin Young Readers Group Razorbill imprint will release a limited edition copy of the first book in Richelle Mead’s “Vampire Academy” series. The cover will use the same mind-bending “Augmented Reality” technology that you see in the YouTube video above.

Developed by the tech company Ogmento, the trippy cover will blend text, images and video into a surreal new viewing experience. The “Vampire Academy” series has already sold 2.25 million copies to an eager readership of tech-savvy kids. What do you think–is this a game-changing tool or expensive mistake?

Here’s more from the release: “Penguin’s campaign will feature a new ‘image tracking’ technology. When fans visit the book’s site and hold the cover of the Vampire Academy signature hardcover up to their webcams, the cover will come to life and share a special message from the author. Most notably, this application will have a viral component, as fans will be able to transfer their own photo onto the cover of the book and share that image with friends via email, social networks, and mobile devices. ”