Author Michael Pollan to Star in Netflix Documentary Series

By Maryann Yin Comment

Michael Pollan (GalleyCat)Michael Pollan, an author known for his food writing, and filmmaker Alex Gibney have partnered together to create a new Netflix series called Cooked. Eater reports that the four episodes of this food documentary series will air on Feb. 19.

According to Tasting Table, the title of the show shares the same name as Pollan’s 2013 nonfiction book. Each installment will focus on a different element: fire, water, air and earth.

Here’s more from Variety: “In each segment, Pollan returns to his kitchen in Berkeley, Calif., to deliver his core message that cooking our own meals is the single best thing we can do to take charge of our health and well being…Personalities and places featured in “Cooked” include an Aboriginal tribe in Western Australia that fire-roasts monitor lizards; a Connecticut Benedictine nun and microbiologist who makes traditional French cheese; Peruvian brewers who use human saliva to ferment a traditional beverage; and an ancient Moroccan granary powered by rivers.” (Photo Credit: Alia Malley)