Michael Arndt Struggles with Star Wars Script on Camera

By Jason Boog Comment

Star Wars: Episode VII screenwriter Michael Arndt gave readers a peek at his process as he struggles to write a brand new Star Wars movie.

How would you write the new script? Funny or Die posted the satirical video, but all kinds of writers can relate to his struggle to crack the first few sentences of a major work.

Arndt also wrote the script for Little Miss Sunshine, and you can watch him deliver some serious writing advice in this Fora.tv video.

Here’s an excerpt from his screenwriting lecture:

as a writer I’m a big believer in endings. I think the ending of your story is when the meaning of your story is really revealed. But I also think that I just in terms of in setting up the story a good story for me at least always involves a character right before the climax making this taking at the size of action or making an important decision and usually you are going to make that decision is difficult as possible … just to be didactic about it you know, you are trying to have your character make a meaningful decision and really push them into the corner

(Via io9)